New iPhone Rumors, March 15th Event

Reports are going around that Apple will hold an event on March 15th. It is expected that a new updated iPad will be announced with better camera capabilities. Also rumored is a new 4 inch iPhone 5se. 

I think the iPhone 5se will appeal to the audience looking for a smaller Apple phone. Sadly, one could expect that this will not be the answer to Apple's future growth. Apple is also expected to update the Apple Watch with possibly a camera added. 

Some of the rumors even angered some diehard Apple fans. One such rumor includes the removal of the headphone port that many Apple fans have been accustomed to since the original iPod. This is not unusual for Apple as in the past we seen them be the first to cut ties with the floppy disc, flash on mobile internet, and more recently all their computers have removed the optical disc drive. 

I hope Apple can surprise us all again and announce something industry changing. But until then we will have to stick with upgrades to our established Apple devices once again. 





Apple's September Event: Will They Deliver?


First, we should expect to see the new iteration of the iPhone and iPad. Potentially we might see the introduction of the mysterious new Apple TV. Most tech enthusiasts and investors are wondering if Apple can deliver another successful iteration that surpasses their high expectations and introduce new innovative products.


The iPhone has little to prove to their devoted following but every event gives us a glimpse as to how Apple wants to position their device. Is the iPhone for the casual user seeking an entertaining device or is it for the executive communicating industry secrets to his team on a secure device? Apple probably wants to be all of these things and more because they want to be a device that everyone can rely on. Apple’s strength has always been controlling both hardware and OS environments. Other competitors attempted this (Microsoft’s failed buyout of Nokia) but no one has successfully came near Apple’s success. I believe at the event Apple will make their message to the corporate world about the security and strength of their unified approach.


The new iPads will be aimed at restoring growth in sales. I believe the rumored force touch will be a big seller for existing iPad users to upgrade but people who don’t already have an iPad might continue to hold off. But if Apple does introduce the long awaited 12.9 inch iPad, we might see an increase in growth for those who have been waiting for a bigger experience. Apple has to be thinking how to approach this without cannibalizing their Macbook market. But maybe Apple doesn’t care as much about losing those sales and will drive home their IBM enterprise solutions for iPad. The new size and partnership with IBM, might make the new iPad the productivity device changer for a lot of users.

Apple TV

I think Apple has put great thought into TV (it was one of Steve Job’s last interests at Apple) and so I expect to see a lot of focus to this. More so than a new remote and a new box. I expect we might see even an enterprise solution for TV and a all new video messaging service. Siri will probably see a huge upgraded release on TV with much improved voice controls. But it is all speculation at this point what Apple will do.


This will be an important update for the early adopters of the Apple Watch and convincing others why they should make the move. I believe that the watch will need to offer more functionality when it is on yourself without the iPhone near you. It would be even better if we saw an update that supported Android devices or OS X. Having this device become more independent of iPhone might be a good way to grow out this devices users. Apple has done this before with the iPod by introducing compatibility with Windows. This might be another time Apple needs to reach out beyond their own ecosystem.

What would you like to see Apple do this September?