Looking for a place to sell used electronics?

The Shout Line will buy your used gear like, cell phones, iPods, iPads and other Apple products, digital cameras, tablets, and much more. Why? It reduces e-waste in the environment and increases the money in your wallet. Plus you are saving the planet and who doesn't want to do that. It’s as easy as telling us about your product, getting a free quote, and sending it our way (shipping’s on us.) Now, sit back and relax! Once your item(s) reaches our headquarters we will process it, making sure it's in the condition you say it is and then we send you your cash! Read below to get all of the details. 


1. Shout at us what you have, Get a quote

Send us an email with your item and tell us a little about it. Your description of your device will determine your initial estimated quote. If you are satisfied with the quote, email us back and let us know you are ready to send us your item(s). Repeat this process for any other devices you have. Select your method of payment (Check or PayPal) and you’re on your way! 

2. Ship us your item

Depending on the type of gadget(s) you sell us, you will have the choice of downloading a shipping label to package your items up right away, or have us email you a shipping label directly. Secure your items, use bubble wrap so it stays in good condition, then just close up your return packaging, and send it off! Once your order arrives (which usually takes about 3-5 days), we’ll be sure to let you know we got it and are checking it out. 

3. Shout out about getting paid

This is the best and most simple part. Grab yourself a snack and relax. Once your order arrives our team will test and inspect your gadgets, and securely wipe them of all previous data so you don’t have to worry about your Facebook friends getting messages from the new owner of your item. Now once that’s done, the only thing left to is to get paid. The whole process usually takes as little as a week then you get paid!